New blog, self introduction

Hi, I'm Connor Kirk, a 26 year old "expat" from Atlanta, USA. 

I live in Kyoto, Japan, making my way as a translator working primarily with Japanese text. At the moment I'm working for an excellent company, really an ideal place to work, Hatena, which is very well known in Japan for it's blog platform, news feed, and other internet based services. Within Hatena I'm a part of a team of guys working on a new server management system called Mackerel where you can see my translation mostly on their developer blog as well as within the system itself. 

As for this blog, I'm thinking about using it mainly to document my experiences as a translator i.e things I pick up day to day, some tips on translating, talking about Japanese, and other things like that. Some other stuff I like to get into like printmaking, design and illustration might get roped in too.