Download laser cutter files for the Survival Blanket paper models

Last month I had a solo exhibition which featured a series of paper houses, planes, and cars that I designed in Illustrator and cut out with a laser cutter. Now I'm making those files openly available for anyone to download. 

They aren't easy to make, and definitely require a little patience and some skill with gluing small parts, but I hope you'll give it a try and support your local makerspace.

The House

This house was "re-designed" for the laser cutter but is almost identical to the house in Chris Ware's graphic novel "Jimmy Corrigan The Smartest Boy On Earth".

The Car

This model is loosely based on a Volvo.

The Airplane

This is an almost to-scale model of a 747 if it didn't have any curved surfaces.

One fun thing with these is that you can scale them up or down to almost any size you want.